Benefits For You

You come out ahead in every aspect when you use eReserve Ticketing:

Reduces Cash
Increases advance online sales, reducing lines and cash handling All funds deposited directly into your account as tickets are sold–improves cash flow


Saves Time
User-friendly setup process completely under your control Allows Season Ticketing–huge timesaver for staff Online season ticket reservations is convenient (and fair) for customers; efficient for staff


Allows use at multiple venues/all kinds of events Handles Reserved or General seating/season tickets Handles “store” items on checkout


Robust Reporting
Produces multiple reports to help you track sales, inventory, etc. in real time All data exportable for your files and formats


Added Revenue Streams
“Upsell” products on checkout–all revenue goes to you Sell “sponsorship” space on each ticket–all revenue goes to you Create “live links” every step to promote your partners/sponsors


Collect Valuable Data
Use data to fine tune your future marketing, create email lists, etc. Scanning allows you to collect data and track demographics Prevents duplicate tickets


Completely Secure
We never store any payment data or credit card information We never put your event on third-party sites


Easy Setup & Processing
Quick turnaround and setup time Tickets can be printed on home printers, theater style, even wristbands* Tickets can be scanned on smartphones* Works with any merchant account**


*requires additional equipment
**using Authorize.net or emulator